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what is nuun active?

nuun active is an effervescent electrolyte drink supplement designed to keep you optimally hydrated wherever your active lifestyle and athletic endeavors take you. you sweat, nuun replenishes. packed with electrolytes, clean ingredients, light flavor, low sugars and calories, and portable; nuun active hydration is the perfect sports drink. the electrolytes found in nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently

contains a fast-releasing carbohydrate (dextrose) to increase fluid delivery. when d-glucose combines with fluid and sodium, it helps utilize transport mechanisms to help increase the rate of hydration

utilizes effervescent technology for accurate, precise dosing, and increased nutrient absorption

portable and environmentally friendly packaging

gluten*, soy, dairy free, non-gmo (sourced), vegan*, clean sport*
* denotes third-party certification

nuun active comes in 9 flavors: orange, lemon lime, strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, tri-berry, grape, tropical, citrus fruit and watermelon

what does nuun do?

each tablet contains a complete, optimal blend of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently:

  • na – aids in fluid retention
  • k – aids in fluid balance
  • mg – aids in muscle function and relaxation
  • ca – aids in bone health, and muscle contraction
what is nuun boost?

nuun boost is an effervescent tablet that is packed with electrolytes + plant based caffeine + b-vitamins

nuun boost comes in four flavors: cherry limeade, fresh lime, wild berry and mango orange-new in 2016

how does nuun boost differ from nuun active?

the nuun boost line of product contains caffeine and specific b-vitamins to help metabolize fuel (stored), provide an energy boost and aid in athletic performance

which nuun product is right for me?

you’re always active, your water should be too! all three nuun products are ideal to help keep you hydrated and to make the most of the water you drink

nuun active is formulated specifically for higher intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs

nuun boost carries the nuun active formula one step farther with caffeine and b-vitamins

nuun vitamins, drink anytime for daily wellness and hydration, electrolytes aren’t just for exercise, nuun vitamins hydrates better than water alone

why does nuun vitamins have less vitamin c that nuun electrolytes?

vitamin c, although very important for daily health, is commonly found in many foods and is the least “under-consumed” of the vitamins. therefore, we prioritized more of the other vitamins that most people consume less of, since there is a limit to how much we can fit in each tablet.

what is the best way to use nuun branded products?

1 tablet per 16 oz. of water. nuun can be mixed in advanced, chilled, iced, drunk hot, whichever you prefer and is most convenient for your active endeavors

during athletic activities lasting longer than an hour, the american college of sports medicine recommends consuming 500-700 mg of sodium for every 32oz of water consumed (that is two bottles of nuun). nuun encourages you to get out and be active to determine how much nuun you should drink to keep you properly hydrated according to how much you exercise, how much you sweat, the weather, and so on

nuun is great for kids, adults, the elderly, diabetics, and everyone in between! as with any product, we recommend consulting your nutritionist or health care provider if you have any questions or concerns

why are nuun products fizzy?

nuun is an effervescent tablet, which gives it the “carbonated” taste at first. the citric acid found in nuun becomes neutral when combined with the ingredients used to make an effervescent tablet. citric acid helps with the acid-base balance, ensuring the solution is in a buffered state once full dissolved. it has a slight contribution to the calorie/carbohydrate count. for best results, make sure to leave the lid off of your drinking receptacle to reduce the pressure created while the tablet dissolves

is there any sugar in nuun products?

yes, nuun active and energy contain 1g of sugar per tablet

what sorts of sweeteners are used in nuun products?

different nuun products use different sweeteners, such as monk fruit and stevia. all of the sweeteners used in nuun products are recognized as safe by the food and drug administration (fda) for the general population, including pregnant women and children

what is monk fruit?

monk fruit is a zero calorie plant-based sweetener primarily cultivated within the deep forest regions of asia. it is u.s. fda certified safe for consumption, and has been used in traditional asian communities for centuries. the natural antioxidants in monk fruit give it its sweetness


usage, alleries, and other dietary questions

do nuun products contain any nut products or flavors?

nuun products are made without any tree-nuts or peanuts

how are the tabs flavored and colored?

flavors are derived from natural fruits and vegetables. if you have specific food allergy questions, please call us m-f 8am-5pm pst at 1-855-h2o-nuun (1-855-426-6886)

nuun does not use any artificial colors in our tablet; instead, riboflavin (b2) or beet juice powder

what are natural flavors?

flavoring components derived from various fruits and vegetables; they contain fruit oils and essence(s)

is nuun safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

yes! nuun is perfectly safe during pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding. hydration is essential to you and your baby during pregnancy. according to the american pregnancy association, hydration is crucial to flush waste products from the cells, aid in liver and kidney function for both mom and baby, and important for mom’s body expansion as her blood volume increases, as well as adequate breast milk production and flow

if you are watching your salt intake, u hydration is a great alternative to help you drink more water, stay hydrated and get added vitamins both you and your baby need for healthy and proper growth

can somebody with high blood pressure use nuun branded products safely while working out?

only after checking with a doctor. some blood pressure conditions are unique and medications can also be an issue. always check with your doctor before taking something that might affect a health issue, or before undertaking a new exercise program


questions you wanted to ask but didn’t

can my kids drink nuun products?

sure, nuun branded products are great for hydrating and it’s a tasty way to get kids to drink more water (instead of sugary sodas!)

are nuun branded products safe for pets?

though nuun branded products are not formulated with domestic animal hydration needs in mind it is certainly safe for your dog or cat to drink assuming they don’t have an allergies to the ingredients

what about nuun branded products for a hangover?

too much celebrating can lead to dehydration, and since nuun hydrates more quickly than water alone, you might find us drinking some after our post-race celebrations. take two nuun tablets and call us in the morning

can I eat nuun products?

nuun was designed to be mixed with water, but we’ve heard of some people eating it anyways. whether as an experiment or to get your electrolytes in a hurry, it isn’t the most pleasant experience, but it won’t hurt you